We want you to love your countertop. Our experienced sales staff will devote their time to helping you find the perfect surface for you. You can contact a representative below or call us to assign one to discuss your project. They will meet with you at your convenience and show you a wide variety of samples and provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

Harvey Hoekstra, H&H Harvey Hoekstra
Phone: 815.592.0650 | Email: HHCCHarvey@gmail.comHarvey has been with H&H since 2004 and has over 30 years of sales experience. His goal is to provide each and every customer/account not only with his many years of product knowledge, but also to strive to give them the best possible service available. His motto is: To Treat People The Way I Would Like To Be Treated.
Ronnie Re, H&H Ronnie Re
Phone: 815.592.6556 | Email: HHCCRonnie@gmail.comRonnie has over 25 years of sales experience and is available to assist anyone with any countertop needs they may have.
Paul Tetrault, H&H Paul Tetrault
Phone: 815.922.4232 | Email: HHCCPaul@gmail.comPaul has over 22 years of sales and service experience. He will be happy to help you with your residential or commercial countertop needs.
 Steve MacInnis, H&H Steve MacInnis
Phone: 630.967.4630 | Email: HHCCSteve@gmail.comSteve has extensive experience with countertop layout and design. He covers Northern Illinois and the greater Chicagoland metropolitan areas. He works with kitchen and bath dealers, general contractors, remodelers and commercial accounts. Steve draws on his 25 years of countertop sales to give the best service to all customers.