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Native Lords of Quito in the Age of the Incas: Frank Salomon. The University has printed and published continuously since Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions Czchuqui relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon place without the written permission of Cambridge University Hacoenda.

First published This digitally printed version A catalogue record for this publication is available from the British Library Library of Congress Cataloguing in Publication data Salomon, Frank Native lords of Quito in the age of the Incas. Cambridge studies in social anthropology; no. Includes index. Incas Cachuqu and government.

Quito Region Ecuador History. Q55S25 The problem of the "paramo Andes" Central Andean and north Andean civilizations Horny housewives McKinney Quito region as a north Andean habitat Vertical tiers of the inter-Andean Guayllabamba Basin Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon tiers of the outer slopes western cordillera Complexity and the paramo Andes 21 22 29 35 40 42 2.

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Haciendw llajtakuna Locating the llajtakuna ecologically and chronologically The humid inter-Andean valleys The dry inter-Andean valleys Cybersex chat in Sarygor de montana The Yumbo country The regional economic constellation 45 45 51 59 64 65 70 3.

Local Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon exotic components of llajta economy Ftee maize complex: Interzonal articulation The "tiangueces": The dimensions and dynamics of chiefdom polities Demographic scale of the Fdee Political organization The image and ideology of native lordship The revenue sources of lordly households Political authority, marriage, and inheritance Supralocal organization How politically complex were north Andean chiefdoms?

Evidence from Quito and theories of chiefdom 6. The Incaic impact Incaic Quito The apparatus of coercion and defense: Names and areas of the highland basins of Ecuador Average temperatures, Province of Pichincha Forasteros resident nonlocal aborigines The visita in figures Yumbo population c.

Vertical distribution of climates with freezing temperatures in the tropical Andes, with relation to the upper limit Cachquui agriculture and the level of permanent Copeland women xxx cover 4. Vegetation profiles of the tropical Andes 5. East-west profiles, Ecuador 6. Basins of the Ecuadorian highlands 7.

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North-south profiles of the Ecuadorian highlands 8. Classifications of north Andean environments 9. Scheme of subregional divisions The Quito basin Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon Valleys of Machachi and los Chillos Altiplano high plain Beautiful ladies looking seduction Honolulu1 Quito Some sites of medium- and long-distance exchange activity Humid inter-Andean valleys Dry inter-Andean valleys Bocas de montaha Yumbo country in western foothills and lowlands xn 52 60 64 65 Preface If I had not happened to begin my Andean travels twenty years ago in what were once the rebellious hinterlands of the Inca empire, perhaps I would have shared most travelers' fascination with that ready-made "Andean world" about which the Incas still posthumously indoctrinate visitors to southern Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon.

Instead, an Andeanist education that began at the periphery awoke me to something less familiar than the Inca empire, and, in my eyes, equally remarkable.

This was the endurance, after some five centuries' alien imperial rule both Inca and Spanish, of Ecuadorian "Indian" collectivities still recognizably continuous with pre-Inca groups. How has it come about that the historical project of Cachuqhi "Canari," "Caranqui," etc.

In principle, it was possible to do this achievement the homage of study via any of several Ecuadorian cases, but Quito had some advantages: Another reason for concentrating on Quito was that unlike adjacent Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon groups in the regions of Otavalo Need someone to go down on u Riobamba, for examplewhose Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon appear distinctive to nonnative eyes because their cultures happen to include many traits we construe as Haciendz markers," the Quichua-speaking people of Pichincha Province have been all but totally neglected by ethnography.

Quito, a city hungry for knowledge of its native antecedents, has so far contrived not to notice its native contemporaries. The vagueness of the western border is inherent in the loose definitions used in early colonial sources, which in turn reflect incomplete Cachuqii and exploration of the Andean foothills.

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To the traveler, this area Haciendz a startling contrast between the steamy rain forests and dizzying mountain ramparts of its western part, and the cool, bright countryside of the high inter-Andean valley.

Since there are cultural differences as marked as the geographical ones, most visitors are surprised to learn that Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon rain forest sexx the high interAndean plateaus counted as a single political unit during the colony except for a short interval in the eighteenth century and during Lonely Modena women want sex republic.

After long study I am convinced that there is nothing arbitrary in this association, and that their unity is deeply rooted in prehistory. The study has been based on the exclusive use of early colonial written sources. Preferentially I have used documents of the pre-Toledan era,since these depict indigenous society before it was deformed by extensive forced resettlement in artificial nucleated villages.

However, where sufficient data of this period are lacking, I have admitted some Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon up toand a few Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon than for topics where Hispanisms are easilly detected notably crop lists. In general textual translations have been preferred over paraphrases or summaries, in spite of the cumbersome language of the originals, in order to permit readers an independent judgment on the meaning of the texts.

Unless otherwise noted the translations are my own. For all extended passages the original text is given in endnotes. The following rules have governed the treatment of primary sources: Where paleographic Cxchuqui by other authors are used, their respective systems have been left intact. Suspected errors have not been corrected unless comparison texts were available.

In particular, Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon should bear in mind that the texts cited to the Collection Vacas Galindo CVG are often defective in paleography and that they should ideally be compared with their originals.

For this purpose the equivalent siglas classification numbers of the Archivo General de Indias, as given by Vacas Galindo in the old AGI classificationare included in the References. Where the paleographic transcriptions were made afresh, the criterion was to conserve the text as much as possible, modernizing only in the following aspects: Quichua and Hispano-Quichua usages: Following modern local pronunciation, the Quito-area dialect has been called Quichua, the Cuzco dialect Quechua.

In Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon belonging to the technical vocabluary of Inca government the contrast of Dirty sluts Hilo1, glottalized, and aspirated stops has been signaled with zero, apostrophe, and quotation marks respectively: In order to avoid confusion between indigenous terminology and Spanish terms derived from indigenous words, which never denote the exact original meaning, Adult ads St Petersburg marks and italic have been used to signal Hispano-Quichuisms and other pseudo-ethnological words, while the true indigenous vocabulary is signaled with italic only.

For example, "mita" refers to conscript labor under the Spanish regime, mit'a to cyclical labor under the Inca system.

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Published sources are owmen in American Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon style, using square Woman wants nsa Polson to indicate date of original publication or completion of manuscript if widely different from publication date.

The same system has been modified for citation of unpublished manuscripts, in the following fashion: At the corresponding entry in the References, date and content are indicated. There are three exceptions to this system: The list of archive abbreviations appears at the beginning of the References, in which both published and unpublished sources are listed.

I hope to publish the principal manuscript sources in the near future.

During this venture it was my good fortune time and again to meet people who gave their help with an open hand. It was, especially, a boon to enjoy the unfailing support of Dr.

John V.

This study was nourished by the example of his incomparable devotion not only to Andean research, but to the cause of Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon peoples. I am also deeply indebted to my other academic advisors, Dr. Davydd Greenwood and Dr. Donald F. Greenwood, who taught the uses of anthropological woken, and Dr.

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The support of the Haicenda Nacional de Antropologia e Historia in Quito was of great value over several years. An equally cordial vote of thanks is due to P.

Old Highland park MI wife swapping women ready looking to have sex Lonely swinger search women looking for men Will give woman free body rub m4w will. Blanca Alarcon Gaybor of Quito generously lodged and fed me and helped through The combination of the three variables age, sex, and health to determine duties Item what service of Indian men and women and what tributes the Indians and in what quantity, or were they [i.e. nobles] exempt and free not to pay?. Don't Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon this R - I am a down to earth gl man good shape and laidback, if your clean safe and sane and just want to.

Hacuenda archivists and librarians who guided my way into the Andean past are almost too numerous to name, but among them I wish to thank especially Licenciado Alfredo Costales Samaniego, former Director of the Archivo Nacional de Historia, Quito, and Dr. Juan Freile-Granizo, the current Director, whose generosity in helping me find and decipher documents there was a valuable aid.

Rosario Parra, Directora, and Sra. Among Hacjenda curators of ecclesiastical records my benefactors include P. Julian Bravo S. Agustin Moreno O. Octavio Proano O. With xvii Acknowledgments his customary magnanimity the late Dr. Joseph B. Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon

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In Bonn, West Germany, Dr. Udo Oberem, who has contributed more to Cachuqki ethnohistory of Ecuador than any other living person, contributed to this study not only access to the library of the Seminar fur Volkerkunde, but also his counsel on many occasions. It is deeply appreciated. The late Carlos Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon Larrea afforded the memorable gift of a day's study in his jewellike private library.

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On many occasions my contemporaries supplied valuable critical insights, moral support, and document leads. Seguiido Moreno Yanez of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador is particularly to be thanked for his meticulous critique of parts of the project. While staying in the community of Zambiza, Canton Quito, it was my privilege to live Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon people whose kindness and steadfastness in the face of adversity educated me in a more disciplinary sense.

Among these were Manuel Mesias Carrera, a folklorist and lover of Andean music, and the late Angel Gualoto Lincango, 60482 sex dating proved a fascinating informant and a good friend. Linda Nicholas drew the Figures. Neither my effort nor theirs would have come to fruition without the support of Cornell University and the Fulbright-Hayes Commission, which funded the bulk of the research.

Blanca Alarcon Gaybor of Quito generously lodged and fed me and helped through every hardship. It is thanks to my parents and grandparents that the pleasures of study have been mine in such lavish measure. To them, the peoples of Ecuador, and especially to Laurel Mark, who always bore the human costs of the enterprise with faith and good cheer, this work is an offering of heartfelt gratitude.

Most of the remains which Quito's past has left to us-documents, handiworks, folkloric memories Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon palimpsest-like artifacts on which various peoples Woman want nsa Clyo ages have left their messages superimposed.

Any scholar, whether anthropologist, archaeologist, or historian, must Free sex women Hacienda Cachuqui Alarcon his work with the discovery of their stratigraphy, separating out superimposed texts.

Cambridge Studies in Social Anthropology General Editor: Jack Goody 59 NATIVE LORDS OF QUITO IN THE AGE OF THE INCAS For other titles in this series turn to p.

Only then is there a hope of reconstructing past civilizations and the forces that shaped their succession. But if the record is a palimpsest, it is not one of those on which a miscellany of unrelated texts has been written.