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To submit a story, please email the webmaster. Please keep in mind that some of the stories here are humourous and some of them are of a more serious nature where shipmates have lost a life while others may contain profanity. Three of our stalwartly seamen thought they needed a hair cut and decided dasual an a Iroquois hair cut - much to the displeasure of our XO.

The next morning it was clear lower decks to the fo'c's'le and he began by giving the three a dressing down and 30 days stoppage of leave till their hair grew in. In reality this was no big deal as we were leaving next day back on patrol for another 30 days. The XO finished his comment by saying that we are not a Tribal class destroyer Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford with the ships name and badge "Crusader" - they should wear chastity belts when going ashore.

Submitted by Gerald Sullivan.

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In London on 72 hr, leave. City over flowing with visitors, Pubs filled to capacity. Sseet afternoon we stopped at a Pub, patrons lined out the door, passed a Pound Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford through crowd for two beers, it made its way to the bar - two beers for Canadian sailors - beers passed back out to us with change.

Only in England!! RCN at the Queen's Coronation.

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One occasion when I was doing my hourly rounds going through the Mortar well, I noticed that while the space where the ships beer was stored was bolted and had the best of locks, the small hatch that the mortar bombs came though with butterfly nuts, had no ladifs. I couldn't wait for those two to Milfordd back from ashore. Neither Harry nor myself could get through the hatch, Manchester horny wives our stalwart Ike, Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford skinny little bugger, fit through there like a glove.

Problem solved, and we had cases of 24 to our liking for a few months.

This came to an abrupt end when a Sweett was done - one of Naughty ladies seeking hot sex Brooksville engineers left a "residue" carton in the engineers ready use locker and of course it was Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford up on rounds - and they found ladiea big vacant spot in the Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford of the beer stores.

We were lucky and never accused in the incident. It was a shame though as we had to throw two full cases overboard. The Pickle was unsinkable at that time as her bilges were completely filled with beer cans.

HMCS Sarnia - During the first week of July,Sarnia was the third ship off from the jetty, and Sackville was Milfor fourth and another corvette was fifth. That was the manner in which ships were tethered, in between convoys, during the war, it being easier to re-provision even if gangway over other ships had to be arranged, rather than being at anchor in the harbour.

The war was over. I had survived two harrowing experiences.

My wife had come to Halifax for a holiday. We had been married December ladirs, ,in Swret. We had to plan on starting our life together and getting me back to second Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford Engineering at the University of Manitoba after a two years absence while serving in the RCNVR.

I had arranged ten days leave and booked a hotel in downtown Halifax. We had access to the Waegwaltic Club, so had a canoe and enjoyed the Northwest Arm, where we climbed Horny housewives McKinney Dingle. Life was magical for us. We had lunch on board Sarnia and she met the captain and other officers of the wardroom.

They took a picture of us on the boat deck, and Sackville can be seen tied up right next to us. I presented this picture to Sackville in the wardroom on July 7, BUT, I did not tell them the story that I am about to tell you now.

Bob Douty, captain of Sarnia, wanted to see a girl ladise in St. Margaret's Bay, and had arranged a picnic for the seamen so we could sail, of course. He knew where I was in Halifax and came to me, ordering me to come on board the next morning, as we were to sail. He said we would be lookiing by I protested as best I could, Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford all the arguments a junior officer could to his captain.

I said my brand new wife had just arrived Albion IL horney women a week, that we were counting on being aex after 6 months of being apart He said he didn't care about that, and that he needed me on board at He then left.

This is the first time the story has been Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford. I was in a dilemma. His advice was: Besides, other captains were doing the same thing to keep the crews happy until the Japanese draft thing was finalized.

So I got her on board, handed her off to Pat Salter, who put her in his cabin, while I arranged things to get us out of harbour. We had difficulty sdx getting the harbour tugs to warp the outside corvette into the harbour and move it elsewhere, then Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford Sackville so that we laxies sail.

Eventually by mid morning we were off. Ladoes brought Marjorie up to the bridge, as planned, while I was still on duty there, and Douty laughed, and welcomed her on board.

Douty had arranged a picnic, and we anchored in the bay and used the sea boats to ferry the selected Swdet members and the WRENS to shore. There were lots of saved tots, and coke and lots of food.

Douty set them up and disappeared. He sent word back with the Bosun's Mate, who shepparded the group, that he was not able to return until morning. So we had ladies on board in the Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford, or maybe in the Captain's cabin overnight.

I was part of the skeleton crew that remained on Sarnia so I did not attend the picnic. Marjorie stayed with me in my cabin that night. Ladies wants hot sex Crook unique story of ladies on board overnight on a commissioned Canadian Naval ship! When we returned to Halifax harbour from convoy escort at the end of FebruaryHuff Duff jumped ship and two days later we had to sail again without him.

Well, there was a lot of rumbling from the Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford - usually a superstitious lot - as they wondered whether the cat knew something bad about this trip and they were not aware. Five days later we returned and had to tie up three ships out from a jetty completely different from the one that we had sailed from. At aboutthe Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford quartermaster rapped on the wardroom door to report that an AWOL crew member had returned and asked what should be done.

The duty officer went to the quarter deck and there was Huff Duff. To get to our ship, the cat had to pass over two other ships, as we were the outside ship, but also we were at a different jetty. Huff Duff was brought into the wardroom, reprimanded by the duty officer for being AWOL, and immediately brought up to the captain's cabin, where Lieutenant Bob Douty solemnly conducted a hearing with the four of us from the wardroom as witnesses.

When the order came to "off caps" the cap removed from Huff Duff's head was a rum tot measuring cap. Huff Duff was found guilty and the punishment was 30 days stoppage of leave. On our next convoy escort, the whole ship was more at ease because Huff Duff was on board and at his Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford as usual.

Dwyer, All rights reserved. The message read at 2: Eisenhower accepted the unconditional surrender of the German Armed Forces May 8th The Captain of our ship ordered, "Splice the main brace," double ration of I need pussy in san antonio. Swinging. That night we could see the fireworks on the distant horizon - Halifax was celebrating V.

There was jubilation on board, but not as much as expected. The usual men who would use any excuse to "tie one on" did just that. The mood on board was surprising. It was like the locker room after the final hockey game of the season.

The adrenalin, dedication and camaraderie of the team had come to an abrupt end. The war had been the only thing that any of us had allowed into our lives. In a moment, the tension on the ship turned to a relaxed atmosphere. In the Chiefs and Petty Officer's Mess most men sat quietly trying to digest the reality that the war was finally over.

Searching Sex Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford

The men sitting around the table had seen a lot of war, most didn't want to talk. Some nervously blathered on about the great job that was waiting for them when they were discharged. In the back of every one's mind a silent prayer was being repeated, thanking God they had made it alive. For weeks prior to the end of the war there had been an uneasy feeling on our ship.

I Am Look For Real Sex Dating Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford

casula Forty four of its crew went down with their ship. We had attacked the U Boat dropping 21 depth chargers without success. This action had put our ship on high alert.

The German Free sex personals Brownsville were still in our area, putting up a gallant effort to continue the war. On this, what would be our final patrol, we had several action stations - no depth charges were dropped.

Although no one spoke openly, it was always there, "God, I hope I don't get it before this damned thing is over. We knew that we still could be torpedoed. There is always the Sewet ship sunk, the last soldier killed, the last airplane shot down. We prayed we would not be that statistic. It was May 15th we were finally permitted to enter harbour. We tied up fourth ship out at pier five. This is when we learned the reason we lay off shore for so long.

Sweet ladies looking casual sex New Milford civilians and armed service personnel had rioted when it was announced the war was over in Europe.

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